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Reviews and Testimonials

Rebecca McDiarmid‎ 
March, 28, 2019 

This company came to our rescue when a monster tree fell across a fence, then a steel storage container, then bumper to bumper on our RV, and another 80 feet further across the yard. Worst wind storm in 20 years Dec. of 2019. He gave me an estimate Dec 23, and on Dec 27 arrived with a big crew, at least 2 trucks with telescopic buckets, a chipper trailer, and experience. They helped me get the tree off my equipment and cleaned up very quickly, and therefore I could move faster to save our goods in storage, and act with insurance. All at a very fair price. I would highly recommend this Owner and his crew. Out of six companies 2 days before Christmas, he was the only one to return my call promptly, then quickly, professionally, and efficiently solved my problem in a day. Rebecca in Langley

Pat Kobley‎ 
November 30, 2018 

Thank you to Derek and crew for an awesome job at our property this week !!!    A big job with pruning willow trees, laurel trees and firs.

Annette Fellner
October 12, 2018 

Tree removal in Langley. Very happy with work and competitive price, would recommend.

Melissa Hayden‎ 
Septembter 18, 2017 

Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this company.

Alan Xu‎ 
January 18, 2017 

Today, Don and his crew came to remove a branch that fell from neighbors tree. We choose Fraser valley tree service after having talked to many experts in the field, and the owner Don took his time in explaining to us this extensive experience in this field and we felt safe. He also was quick to return phone calls and answer questions having gone through 2 weeks of set back. Removing trees is like removing a virus, call on the expertise of master doctor. Thank you Fraser valley tree service!!!

Shelley Piatocha 
September 29. 2016

I just had Fraser Valley tree service to our house. The service was amazing. I was totally impressed with what they proved for us and their business professionalism. Great job boys. Would not hesitate to contact them again.

Trish Rawluk Salisbury‎ 
March 22, 2016 

Thanks Don, Derek and crew on the great work on our trees today. Can't believe how much light there is now in back of the house and I will definitely sleep better during wind storms!

Linnea Sedun‎ 
October 28, 2015  

Thank you so much Don and crew! Incredible job as always, and the customer service is superb. Linnea and Paul Sedun.

Vanessa Heard‎ 
September 10, 2015  

These guys did a great job for us this morning, they were quick, efficient and left nothing behind except a little saw dust round the base of the tree. 
Thank you and we will have you back if we need you.


Ashli Cie-Anne Brook‎ 
September 9, 2015  

You guys were at my house today, picking up (& cutting up) the pieces of multiple trees that had completely obscured my back acre for 11 days since that awful storm. I came home from work to an amazing surprise -- I have a yard again! Thank you so much for a job well done 

Chad Goobie
Aug 31,2015

Bought a house with a huge old Maple tree on the property, that was in need of attention. There were many dead limbs and branches overhanging the house. I called Don at Fraser Valley Tree Service to come take a look. When he arrived he took the time to answer my questions and explain to me about the tree, its health, and any possible dangers. He really gained my confidence when he described his recommended plan for pruning. He took great care to make the tree safe, healthy and also improve its aesthetic appearance. I couldn`t be happier with his work! The tree looks great!

On a side note: I was lucky enough to get this work done 1 week before the recent windstorm hit. Not a single branch fell! I have no doubt, that Don`s work saved what could have been a huge mess!


Steve Buckle 
February 19, 2015 

Great job on the tree removal, thanks again.

Cathy Smith‎ 
March 2, 2014   

Don and his crew did a great job removing some very large trees from our property. I was never worried even though the trees were very close to our house.They were very professional and respectful of our home and existing landscaping. 
I would highly recommend them for any tree services.
Cathy Smith


Don R. Campbell‎ 
September 3, 2013  

WOW! showed up right on time. 1st sign we are dealing with real pros. Prices is great, clean-up was fantastic. Winner!

Anne Knight‎  
November 23, 2011  

Hey your team did a professional job, thank you.